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But if all society tell you, that is impossible to go out from it, instead incourage you it's giving you no exit. […] He decided to perform the same experiment, except with a significant change.The rat would not be alone and it would be put in an enclosure with other rats and in an environment that rats would enjoy living in. The rats rarely chose the narcotic-laced water and never died from an overdose.I've seen this before, but the last 2 times I've visited I can only see the top 2/3 of the screen. I've sent many others to look with the same problem. I am stunned by the result, but the over emphasis on the social factor on this research really bothered me.Yes, rats can do a cost-benefit analysis on the choices between drugs among other things, just like NORMAL humans. Gee, I wonder why they lost funding for the experiments.I suspect it was part(s) of federal government; same that initiated & has continued War On Drugs. I'm off to read more: I think this experiment is amazing, everyone has to know it.I always was thinking people are stronger than a chemical product and they can fight again addiction.But I am not convinced to say this socioeconomical factor is the predominant factor that caused the addiction. Could it be that results that might indicate a need for a more engaging society were not wanted?Could it be that only results supporting the "War on Drugs" would continue to receive funding? I was once lost in "the hopeless stigma" of addiction and homelessness.

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The addiction schema was developed by proponents of the AA model in 1935 when very little was understood about neurobiology, pharmacology, psychology and only now is that proposition being challenged.

I was hopping you have come across maybe a news article that describe the pre-rat park conception of chemical dependency. I am really impressed with the thought and creativity that has been put into this idea of using a cartoon to express a really important idea that impacts people all over the world. The artwork and the dialogue did an excellent job communicating a new way of looking at drug addiction. I've thought for yrs that those who become addicted - lose their control over drug usage - have empty lives & are seeking a substitute.

I remember the self-addicted rats experiment & the hoopla it was given.

or continue living a solitary hopeless life." Thanks so much for your time to break this brilliant and important work down and making it so accessible.

As an addiction researcher, this really helped me bring a few big gaps in my understanding of addiction together.

I want to give them to my students and see if they can pic them apart before I present Rat Park. I am particularly interested in the study as it applies to many of the cubicle works in corporate America. Gox I could have been recently screwed coming from my earnings. Love My Dog Just wanted to drop a line of encouragement for you in your efforts. God has offered a way out of pain, temptation and addiction but often, the way out comes in the form of community and committed believers willing to support, encourage, and challenge one another to see the world as a park - not a cage.

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