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24-Jan-2018 22:21

The bar scene as far as queer-leaning folks in Spokane is interesting.The best part about queer friendly bars in Spokane is most of them are clumped into a two-block strip on Sprague Avenue in downtown.Browne’s Addition is the most talked about “up-and-coming” hood.It’s just off of downtown, and features a popular restaurant, a taco/tequila bar, pizza place, bike shop, and some of Spokane’s oldest and coolest homes. The Garland District (North Garland Avenue) has been known for years as a funky strip of shops and restaurants.Not much student life occurs on this campus, making a lesbian or gay scene sort of inconsequential.With that said, a lot of students are in medical school or something else really smart, so naturally there are some lesbians frequenting campus. While no one neighborhood is gayer than the rest, some are catching on as hip places to be.

It’s attached to Spokane’s old dollar theater, the Garland. The atmosphere is romantic without being too intimate. The Flying Goat (Audubon neighborhood) is an excellent pizza place on the North side of town. Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams do well year after year, and Spokane is pretty much obsessed with Gonzaga Bulldog Athletics.

Over the past year, the number of “gay” bars has fluctuated between three to five. After that, it’s game on for twenty and thirty something lesbians.

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