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The group gets along well and they’ve all got a fine sense of humor about their clients and the seemingly absurd work they do, but the peaceful workplace environment comes to a screeching halt when Jo Ann turns up dead.A pair of detectives in the form of the snarky, dismissive Lt.Schroeder’s previous film MORTUARY ACADEMY, also with Bartel, appears on a theater marquee.) Much of the first two-thirds of the film are surprisingly well-lensed, with Schroeder taking a very artistic approach to the look of the film while still maintaining a sense of humor that keeps things from getting too dark.Making excellent use of colors, shadows and close-ups, the film feels influenced by the previous decade’s giallo titles, especially with photographer Kevin shooting the girls in his studio.Meyers (Tracey Walter) and the more realistic Mc Donald (Silvana Gallardo, best known to genre fans as DEATH WISH 2’s doomed Rosasio) investigate the case, as it’s distinct from a series of prostitute murders that also seem to be happening.As the body count increases, suspicion begins pointing to one of their regulars, a fellow who calls himself “Bobo,” and whom the audience knows has been offing the girls while dressed in a clown mask.There’s blonde actress Kristi (Lynn Danielson), the seductive brunette Barbara (the late Karen Mayo-Chandler, whose appearances in this, 976-EVIL 2 and PARTY LINE make for a frightening phone bill triple feature), new girl Camille (‘90s horror regular Starr Andreeff, whose wide-eyed charms graced the likes of SYNGENOR, THE TERROR WITHIN, GHOULIES II and DANCE OF THE DAMNED) and the sporty Jo Ann (Karen Witter, previously seen in this series causing issues to Lynn Redgrave in MIDNIGHT).(There’s also the token black character, Vanessa, played by Angela Robinson, but she’s not given much to do.) They’re all under the charge of Ruth, a Jolt soda-drinking master of ‘bation played beautifully by Karen Black.

A: Torque Release Technique – Families, pediatrics and pregnancy.The problem is that, in the age of Freddy Krueger, the killer had to be witty, so after the murders, he says things like “No, YOU’RE OUT! The film falters a bit more in the final reels, as the focus leaves the phone sex company and moves to Kristi and Kevin, who leave out of fear and because Kevin is one of the lead suspects in the case.

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