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25-Jul-2017 07:28

Of the media that adolescents refer to for information about sex, teen magazines are particularly important because they influence knowledge, attitudes, and values about sex and sexuality, especially for teenage girls. Pattee, author of The Developmental Appropriateness of Teen Magazines, the experience of reading teen magazines can result in heavy psychological impacts on their readers.The covers and content of the latest teen magazines promise adolescent girls dates, beauty, and success.- launched a digital weekly magazine for teens, Jellyfish, in a trial.This was the second attempt in the UK to establish a new online business model, the first being Monkey from Dennis, which aims to sell to men aged 18 to 34.Compared to the rich superstar singer, and the skinniest model shown and praised in the magazine, the reader is most likely to be left with a negative self-image and a heavy desire to aspire to be just like the women they read about.Teen magazines tend to be categorised as lifestyle (e.g.Also, the booming celebrity weeklies attracted more teens from ever-younger ages (driven by celebrity TV series).In response to this, in April 2007, National Magazines - publisher of Cosmopolitan and Cosmo Girl!

Each issue features interactive elements and 'pages' that can be 'turned'. in June and the Jellyfish experiment was drawn to a close in August.

Magazine publishers have moved down the age range with publications for "tweenagers" (those aged 9 to 13) gaining popularity, such as It's Hot, BOP, J-14 and Tiger Beat.

The 886 counts filed against him include four violations of the law for each of the 220 photos featuring 13 underage girls that prosecutors say were found in Grady’s offices and on his computers.… continue reading »

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