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that is similar to the desired goal can be used to influence an outcome(e.g. This is a religious cult practiced in the Caribbean and Southern USA (mostly by afro-americans, immigrants and descendants), combining elements of Roman Catholic rituals with traditional African magical and religious rites, and characterized by sorcery and spirit possession..Voodoo, an example of similarity magic, has a negative connotation because of the misconception that it is associated with evil.Witchcraft uses magic by casting spells, sometimes affiliated with spirits.Despite the stereotypes of European American witchcraft, most witchcraft is quite tame and does not involve the hurting of others.

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In this sense, it is the belief that the supernatural is all around you and could be anything.

The ability that a Navajo Witch has to cause you physical pain because they have a piece of your hair is an example of contagious magic.

Religion and its purpose varies depending on who you ask, but in a general sense, religions are societal groups of individuals with like-minded values and beliefs about the world.

Religion can help people find peace of mind, give them hope, turn their life around, and change their point of view.

Religion can be used to justify things and to motivate others.

Contagious magic is still practiced today throughout the world.

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