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So it should come as no surprise that many of the plantation homes remaining in the South are rumored to be haunted.This is the story of one of those houses: Back in the 1800s, many plantations were located north of New Orleans along the banks of the Mississippi River.To save their own hides, they knew that they had to do something to prove their loyalty to their master.So one night, a lynch mob grabbed Chloe while she slept and hanged her from one of the oak trees.She cared for the children, and was careful to only add enough poison to make them slightly ill.As the family ate the tainted birthday cake, Chloe soon found out she had made a terrible mistake.After she died, they cut her down, weighted her body with rocks and tossed her into the Mississippi River.

Inside, one would find a lavishly decorated home in the Gothic style, with ornate plasterwork, European antiques, winding staircases and sparkling, crystal chandeliers.

The Woodruffes had two young daughters, with a third child on the way.