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22-Jul-2017 21:06

We are not a teen dating site and even though we can be a little silly sometimes, we do try to round it out with real discussions about life and world situations.With regard to other chat sites, here are some things you should consider before allowing your child enter any online chatroom: DANGER: (the following is quite blunt and may offend bad parents) Children should not be in chat rooms.A complex sentence of five words or more does not occur until the ages of three and four.If the proper use of the past tense is considered the delimiting factor, than an upper age of five is the boundary.The advantage of the Tabatha font is the extreme variance in stroke width and slant giving it the appearance of a younger child plus the advantage of greater readability.The uneven stroke width and varying letter slant make it appear like the product of an even younger writer than the First Grader Font because capitals are not used.Again, the Internet is not as private as you might think and some people, when provoked, will retaliate in ways that the child's parent(s) may find physically, emotionally and financially uncomfortable.

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Oddly Kindergarten font is closer to a First Grade Font than the First Grade font is!Chatting in diaper rooms is a common pastime for Adult Babies, but few of them can manipulate their spelling and word selection so that they will appear like a baby or toddler to the reader on the other end.This article is meant to address the problem of how to create the illusion that the writer is a baby who is just past the age of babbling or a toddler who is barely able to communicate in chat rooms and in printed documents.Soon they will begin dropping in words and phrases that will steer you into sexual situations and before you know it, you could be in for serious trouble.

Keep in mind the following: This section is for parents: With regard to the Disabilities-R-Us chat room, children are not permitted. Most of us in the room are in our 30's to 50's and a few in our 80's.

Instead, they should be outside playing with friends or doing some other supervised activity that involves fresh air.