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Several times this one is asked on the net but an answer could not be found in the docs on ... If not, click here." you cannot use header( 'Location: ...' ) as you can't sent any output before the headers are sent.

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Workaround: disable compression (beyond text/html) for these particular versions of IE, e.g., using Apache's "Browser Match" directive.If the status code is not specified, header('Location:') defaults to 302.When using PHP to output an image, it won't be cached by the client so if you don't want them to download the image each time they reload the page, you will need to emulate part of the HTTP protocol.In the case of redirects, if you forget to terminate your script after sending the header, adding a buffer or sending a character may change which page your users are sent to.

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This redirects to 2since the second header replaces the first.Browsers typically re-request a 307 page every time, cache a 302 page for the session, and cache a 301 page for longer, or even indefinitely.