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22-Dec-2017 23:05

The Ultravid HDs’ optical performance lives up to that expectation. We’re won’t say they are the brightest binocular ever.

We suspect that if you got a machine that measured exactly how much light gets through a binocular, there would be at least one competitor optic that exceeds them.

The “sweet spot” in the center isn’t limited to the center; it goes almost all the way to the edge, so again, the “useful field of view” in these binoculars is notably large.

The color fidelity was top-notch, and the colors were brilliant.

They’re the same shape, they have the same black rubber armoring, the same stick-to-the-hands feel (that’s a good thing – not a complaint! They are 6.1 inches tall with eyecups fully extended, and 5 inches across with the bridge open all the way.

When you add in the contoured thumb ridges beneath the barrels and the beautiful balance to these binoculars, they become an effortless extension of the hands.

Again, we found ourselves awash in unfamiliar details of very familiar birds.

The minimum close focus of the Ultravid HDs is listed as 9.7 feet.

The broad dark tail bands alternating with crisp white ones…If you look strictly at the very best 10x roof prisms, you find that they all are listed as having a 330-foot field of view.So imagine our surprise upon looking through them, comparing and discovering that, for whatever reasons, the useful field of view – the part where the image was sharp and clear and not distorted or notably darker – was apparently bigger in the Ultravid HDs.The other thing to note in this is that often, extreme close focus comes at a cost of two things: apparent depth of field and the clarity at infinite focal length.

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The Ultravid HDs deliver great performance in both areas.

With one competitor, it was fairly close, but with the other, it was not so close.

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