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He made passes at my husband’s aunt, one of my bridesmaids, my cousin’s fiancée, the DJ, and one of my good friends.He almost got in a fight with venue security when he tried to leave with an open beer. The wedding was big enough that I don’t think most people knew the extent, but I regret that I didn’t have more plans for “handling” him.Dear Prudence, I am an older, sexually conservative woman who got herpes from a man I was dating.He’s a pillar of the community and did not tell me he had herpes. My issue is that I have an unlabeled bottle of herpes medication in my desk drawer at work.It’s unbelievably childish to treat a dish you prepared as somehow “contaminated,” doubly so when it’s common knowledge that herpes cannot be transmitted via potluck.The fact that this is your subordinate makes the issue additionally uncomfortable, but you do at least have the authority to correct her.

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If I leave the company, I fear this issue will follow me.Later that day I went back to my office, and she and another person had actually opened the unlabeled bottle and were looking at the medicine! I guess they looked at the color and numbers on the pills and looked up the medication.In the few months after that —I kid you not—several people at the office have “casually” mentioned herpes and how disgusting it is. One co-worker asked about a red spot on my hand and said loudly, “Yuck, it looks like herpes!I have a therapist, too, and I’ve brought it up there, because it’s taking up a lot of mental energy right now, energy I don’t have.

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It’s so hard to live with these feelings, but this is the best home I’ve had as an adult by a mile, and I desperately don’t want to lose it.

Sometimes I think about what it would have looked like if I’d ended up with the friend I first liked, but mostly now it’s more wanting to be part of the couple, too—wanting to be around them, be together, be included (and yes, I’d really like to kiss both of them! I’ve spoken to my girlfriend about this a few times—not because I think anything is likely to happen, but because the feelings are overwhelming and I don’t want to feel like I’m keeping something from her.