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The new low pnced chip will mean Video CD playing haidware should fall in price next year, and also see many new companies releasing Videc CD play- ers. Amiga this means thai there could be several replacement Surely, thrift maint l«W«r pfk«d Video CD madule B Hnd more film* and *lop C9IN113 me Suretyi Video CD cards tor the CD32 soon, and possibly a Video CD expansion ca^idi for the A 1200 and A4000. because of the increasing number of 'y/ideo CD players in the world the ^ numtser of Video CD titles should also increase. Fufeui^ Zone Stores Ltd, Waat Byf]«#t, KT14 ©WD GAMES CENTRE computer and. You can contact Wizard on 0132^S7290S, GAMES CHARTi The Amiga Top 10 Games ' Charts compiled by HMV.

Productivitv: Photogenics previewed ■ World Construction Set ■ 3D Spectacular A PJt EVj EWED THE SSENTIAL AMIGA MAGA Z I N E WOMH £139! i| THE DEFINITIVE WORD PROCESSII\]G GUIDE WP PACKAGES GRAMMAR CHECKERS SPELL CHECKERS WP EVERYBODY DOES IT! 1 2*, (11 \^sr 13* EC Sir BAR 4MB 4MB 4MB 4MB ro SOf-'l M: E BOARD Z JMHi FPU Jl MHi f PU 4(IMHz FPU SOMHi FPU Lli9 £4ST £47» ■i^j B^-^ HIGH SPEC, LOW COST 00.** SUPER XL DRIVE The Super XL Drive is the onlj' kmd of floppy drive of fe tand on the Amiga nwltst! f$ AWARD »' I tt a I a ^ I^R DUCTS 4A»lb Stanley St;i:adepool ■an6h*I -„^, _.,-„„,„. ' CVJlik RDIAN'...., Cil Wt Hlf»*» - - HEttl DMl.1, -....„.. Different people ■«iw«t different approdche:^ in icnns of wliat they find ygg^j M c on a page.

11 TSame Reviews: • Theme ftirk ABOWf 1 Hm Socccr«U VSim Oty ZOOfl • He Us Qf Gk»Y Zeevuoff U niverse CD32 Oni DISK: THEME PARK Xlk/IAS DEIVIO EXCLUSIVEfdb^BPIusniare! Ldea*f oit letter and CV struetun; «nd the do's and don' Is of document construction using an Ainiga Word '■ ' ■--j^^"*^- LEAD FEATURE CU AMIfi A ^D Processing Following ihis there's a i XHtnd up of WP and and a guide lo prices and specificacions, die ihore consiruetive [imc you spend on n '«hin reason;, the nwie (he reader is going io KNOW YOUR READER .,; ^ ^-i r'ii-,1 [liingii first ihnugll.

Here you are presented w Hti a tutorial on how to set up rides, lay paths, open and close the gates etc. KM) b| I ht VM «nv, VSSIa, VC Hi, IMP 24 a a Ud «iju4t le n]Ki|n4 B2400. E56.9: I On on im* u Uig lliltgr Bal ulur lisi nindiifii witri. S9 1 50 CAPACITY DISK BOX E2.99-I 40 CAP LOCKABUE DISK BOX ,,,.,.- ion CAP LOCK ABLE DISK BOX C5.49I ■DO CAP STACKABLE BANK BOX „.„ei2,99l ISO CAP STACKABLE POSSO BOX 120.9^1 ''i--n? Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia, in European teems and then the USA for the top end products.

F CIDn VEFty SPECIAL PLU £ l»*C HS wht EN VOU HUBCHASE AW AUICJ PLUSFOUHPACKA12D0 ELITES. Once you load the game (see disk loadrng page 12J click with the right mouse button on the first three sam- pie screens (the bu JIfrog title screen with its infamous advertising spon- sorship, a commodiity purchase spreen and a levels screen, none of which are really relevant to this demo} to enter the main playing area. ^^W I'M Of Qr^up only £169.99 ^^^ai^fl Jifi *P/l/S El 07.9 J Fnti' than lli* rtmiliid 34H i M k«e l U A ^jiu rw«i«. ACCESSORIES RKa J Time A 1 £00 inlarrral clock modnle...orvly £1 3,99 1 Mouse'jciyslick manual port awltcft Br.....,C1 Z.99 1 Am iya ASOa'SOO- 1 3M Flower St J|Sply,_,.„™.™. Eli Ml QUALITV MOUSE MATS .„£3.99l to CAPACITY OISK BOX _.-.„...™. i„.:, , £14,951 AMIGA TO SCAft T CABLES ...t9 99 STD l.a METRE AMIGA PRIHTEfi LEAD....s;4.0B MODEM AND HULL MODEM CABLES £^.59 1 AMIGA CONTROL STATIONS ASM or 1 200 VE HSIO«l.-„.-...— - ,... ra I DISKS All disks arc l OO^erroi Iree guaranteed New Highdensity3,5ir K;tib Ullianid brara Jet^ Please phone for best prices! The key markets for the Amiga have traditionally been UK.

The tutorial mentioned above will start off by showing you how and where lo lay down paths and a ride, the Bouncy Castle, then how to con- nect up the ride's entrance and exiit via queueing and es;it paths, how and where to locate a tucker stall and the staff you need to get the Park up and running initially. £39.9t 1l«bby4Zl PS(1.'2Mb} £32.99 256 by 4 a PS,.., (MCh) £599 2S6 by 4 DR A M (Dl Ls) (each) £5.99 Id KB 1202 A1 200 RAM board £84,99| 1 2 32 bil SIMUa. S«e Bbovfl tor pric** I Kicksla rl 1 .3 £23-991 Kieltslari2.04 E30.99 POek Start 2.05 (for use in A600). We will be bnnging one person over from the US and he'll head up a team of around about 22 people whose sole job will be to support development;^ " We don't want to create a monolith overnight ...