Dating a less attractive man Tasmania in flirt chat

24-Jan-2018 01:41

If you're looking for happily ever after, a new study suggests you should date the frog, not the prince.

New research from Florida State University says relationships work out better when the woman is paired up with a less attractive man.

He said: 'The most compelling explanation was that slimmer women are, on average, more sexually attractive to men (resulting in more frequent sex, stronger erections, and greater satisfaction).

With regards to waist measurement being used as the definite measurement, the researchers pointed out that waist circumference is often a better measurement of health than Body Mass Index (BMI) - particularly the risk of heart disease in women.

Men know that these kinds of women will be hit on by any living being and thus, they will always be insecure.

Marrying a less attractive woman will save the man from being insecure all the time. Men will find it hard to approach attractive women as they fear being rejected. They keep up with all the latest classy fashion trends and they will want them all. In short, attractive women have a high cost of maintenance and most men cannot keep up with that. An attractive woman with an hourglass figure will do anything to maintain that shape even if it means not giving birth.

They will often admire them but the truth is they will never marry them even if they date them.

That is why you will find that a married man has a mistress who tends to be more beautiful and attractive than the wife.

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Another reason was that the man simply found slimmer women more attractive.

And all that makes his partner happier of course.“The husbands seemed to be basically more committed, more invested in pleasing their wives when they felt that they were getting a pretty good deal,” the study reads.