Carbon dating mayan pyramids

24-Jul-2017 02:01

With limited financial backing from the local Bosnian government, Osmanagic relies substantially on an international team of volunteers which make their way to Visoko each summer to assist with the excavations.

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Surely after eight years, if the case against Osmanagic’s theory were so strong, shouldn’t this hoax have been laid to rest by now? Or perhaps not, as the majority of those who criticise the project rather than providing sound scientific evidence supporting their position unfortunately resort to the age old tactic of character assassination, targeting the qualities of the man rather than the factual evidence Osmanagic presents.

On the other side of the argument then, what, if any, is the evidence that supports Osmanagic’s so-called outlandish claims?

Is Osmanagic really suffering from an eight year prolonged hallucination or can he substantiate his history changing theory with factual evidence?

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However, despite the barrage of strong condemnation Osmanagic and his team have continued investigating the sites around Visoko for a further eight years.

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