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There may be an option to allow friends of friends to join so a room could grow virally, but this isn’t confirmed.Figuring out the best way to handle privacy when people who aren’t friends interact in a chat room may be one of Facebook’s goals for the test.The use of the news feed to spread and grow rooms takes advantage of Facebook’s ubiquity and the relatively large number of a person’s friends likely to be browsing the feed at any given time.Hosts can set privacy restrictions to limit who is allowed to join their room, and can expel people they don’t want present.Facebook verified with me that it’s testing the feature, but wouldn’t comment on details beyond saying “we do test things from time to time with a small percentage of users.” These tests can be a small as a fraction of a percent of all users, and are sometimes isolated to particular countries, so it’s unlikely you’ll see this in your own Facebook unless the feature does well and receives a wider roll out.The leak comes as Facebook is fighting a war for messaging.Also, please add permissions ASAP This plugin has potention I have a suggestion! I have a Survival and Creative world and it removes the Multiverse prefix for the chatroom. Could you add the ability to switch between global and a local chat room inside it?

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The “Host Chat” button would be a third option there.The stakes are high as messaging generates huge amounts of engagement, direct monetization opportunities through ads and sticker sales, and valuable data on who someone’s closest friends are.For tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook, messaging encourages platform lock-in, driving time spent on their other products.When clicked it opens a chat room that the host can name if there’s a specific purpose for the room, such as discussing a certain topic, planning an event, or working on a project.

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The host can add specific friends to the room, similar to Facebook’s existing ad-hoc private group chat feature.

Those participating see the room as a window similar to traditional one-on-one Facebook chat, though I’d expect it to be a bit bigger to accommodate a higher pace of conversation.